Whether it’s discovering a new recipe, seeking diet tips, workout routines, fashion inspiration, hair tutorials, or those quirky life hacks, internet experts and “influencers” have us covered.

In recent years, another niche of influencers has taken over the internet: financial influencers, also known as “Finfluencers.”

Tens of thousands of social media channels dedicated to managing your money and investing can be found across platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn and are gaining rapid traction, especially among Gen Z.

Surveys show “Zoomers” are nearly five times more inclined to seek financial guidance from social media platforms than those aged 41 or over. So, it’s no surprise that many of the financial influencers they follow for money tips are also Gen Z or millennials themselves.

Regardless of their age or yours, distinguishing valuable influencers from the rest can be a challenge, so we’ve compiled a list of top-ranking millennial financial influencers in 2023, many of which are from Tennessee, studied finance in Middle Tennessee, or have connections to the Volunteer State.

Before that, let’s discuss what a “Finfluencer” is and why it’s important to use caution when following and taking advice from financial influencers.


What is a Finfluencer?

Short for financial influencers, “Finfluencers” are individuals who offer financial advice and insights to their followers online. They educate their followers on anything from personal finance and investing to saving strategies and how to boost your credit score.

In simple terms, Finfluencers use social media to give financial advice that makes finance easier to understand for everyone. By sharing their own success stories, they motivate others to improve their financial well-being.

What’s their appeal? Well, for starters, most don’t jump online in suits and ties and throw around fancy finance verbiage. They are popular because they offer advice for free and simplify finance by breaking down complex concepts and sharing their personal money journeys. This relatability makes finance more understandable and less intimidating.

These influencers come from all over the world, many right here in Nashville. They have diverse backgrounds, including self-proclaimed financial enthusiasts, finance majors with formal education, seasoned bankers or investors, and individuals with hands-on entrepreneurial experience.

They also come from all age brackets. However, millennial financial influencers seem to be the most popular “Finfluencers” online, especially for Gen Z and fellow millennials.


Choosing Millennial Finance Influencers Wisely

Navigating the legitimacy of financial influencers can be challenging. Numerous financial pages are managed by what seem to be established experts, yet their advice is biased or questionable.

In contrast, lacking a formal finance background might raise a red flag in some cases, but doesn’t always diminish the value of budgeting advice. There are individuals without formal financial backgrounds that still offer valuable advice.

Whether they are in Clarksville, Nashville, or New York City, and whether they have worked on Wall Street or not, it’s up to you to conduct thorough research, favoring those with a demonstrated history in personal finance, and always consult a banking expert before making significant financial decisions.

Additionally, there are a lot of financial scam pages out there. Over 50% of individuals who fell victim to investment scams in 2021 indicated these fraudulent activities were initiated through social media. Specifically, investment scams constituted 37% of the total reported losses from fraudulent schemes originating on social media platforms that year.

Bottom line: Exercise caution if something seems off or too good to be true. Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links or making hasty purchases, and always prioritize the counsel of trusted financial sources before making any significant financial decisions.


10 Millennial Financial Influencers Worth Following

Now, on to our coveted list of the top local millennial financial influencers you should follow. Dave Ramsey is, of course, the most well-known Tennessee financial guru. But for this article, we are going to focus on millennials.

There is a younger generation of “Finfluencers” from the south making waves on social media due to their catchy videos, relatable success stories, and free finance advice.

Here are several local millennial financial influencers worth following, plus a few outside our area that seem to have a solid Tennessee following and a proven track record of offering solid, easy-to-understand financial advice.


1: George Kamel

George Kamel

Photo Credit: Ramsey Solutions


George is a personal finance expert, host of the George Kamel YouTube Channel, and co-host of The Ramsey Show and Smart Money Happy Hour. With a touch of humor and candid advice, he guides his followers toward smarter spending, increased savings, and escaping the grip of financial pitfalls.

Think of George as that candid friend who’s unafraid to dispense valuable financial insights seasoned with a dash of snark. His unique blend of expertise, personal narrative, and relatability sets him apart as a voice worth listening to.

Navigating the complexities of finance can be daunting, and George knows it all too well. He fell into common money traps as a young adult, grappling with credit card debt and student loans. However, his life changed when he joined Ramsey Solutions. This journey propelled him from a negative net worth to become a debt-free millionaire in just a decade, showcasing the tangible impact of strategic financial planning.

George’s story resonates with many, especially those overwhelmed by money matters. Through his relatable experiences and actionable advice, he’s become a tremendous resource for those wanting to break free from the chains of financial uncertainty.

Follow George Kamel if you want: Down-to-earth money advice that’s like getting tips from a candid friend, helping you make smarter financial choices and escape money troubles through relatable experiences and actionable guidance.

Where to connect with George Kamel: Besides co-hosting The Ramsey Show and Smart Money Happy Hour, you can follow George on Instagram and Twitter.


2: Jade Warshaw

Jade Warshaw

Photo Credit: Ramsey Solutions


Also part of the Tennessee-based Ramsey Solutions team is Jade Warshaw – the force behind a mission to liberate you from debt and reshape your money mindset. Jade and her husband, Sam, smashed through a whopping $460,000 debt, and now she’s all about guiding others on the same path.

Jade’s journey started in the music scene, rocking as a pro vocalist for 15 years. But beneath the glamour, there lurked a $460K debt monster. No biggie. They dived into The Ramsey Show in 2008, learned the Baby Steps, and hustled like pros to turn things around.

By 2017, Jade and Sam had triumphed over their last debt, a hefty $91K student loan. Their debt-free shoutout on The Ramsey Show was a milestone.

Today, Jade’s living her dream at Ramsey Solutions, sharing hope and tools on The Ramsey Show to empower others on their debt-free journey. Just like George, she’s got your back.

Consider Jade as your candid financial confidante, always up for a money chat (bonus points if it involves food). Inspired by her mom’s comforting meals during tough times, Jade mastered creating delicious, budget-friendly dishes. This journey fostered a community and sparked a life-changing business idea in 2015, propelling their debt-free mission.

Follow Jade Warshaw if you want: Practical advice and relatable inspiration for conquering debt and transforming your money mindset. Her journey from a $460,000 debt to financial freedom and her budget-friendly cooking tips will empower you on your path to financial success.

Where to connect with Jade Warshaw:  In addition to co-hosting The Ramsey Show and Smart Money Happy Hour, you can follow Jade on Instagram and Twitter.


3: Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi

Photo Credit: Alex Hormozi LinkedIn


Often hailed as the “$100 million dollar man,” Alex Hormozi is a 32-year-old financial influencer who is a testament to the rags-to-riches narrative. Rising from modest beginnings, this Vanderbilt University graduate embodies the classic American dream, illustrating the power of determination and entrepreneurial insight.

What sets him apart is not just his status as a self-made millionaire. The allure of Alex’s content lies in his authentic self. His authenticity and candidness resonate with audiences seeking genuine financial insights. He offers a refreshing blend of unvarnished reality and practical wisdom that can only come from first-hand experience.

Alex’s success story is rooted in the fitness industry. His fusion of fitness passion with entrepreneurial flair led to him opening a gym, a venture that swiftly went from one location to an impressive six within a mere three years.

In 2016, Alex embarked on an even more audacious journey, founding Gym Launch, a trailblazing fitness marketing company. Over time, this venture evolved into a formidable 8-figure annual licensing enterprise, underscoring Alex’s remarkable business acumen. His investments in real estate and technology have further broadened his financial horizons, substantiating his status as a shrewd financial mind.

Beyond his business accomplishments, Alex’s profound knowledge of the fitness industry has paved the way for lucrative endorsements, influential partnerships, and engaging speaking engagements, including co-founding Prestige Labs, a prominent sports nutrition company, and establishing Artificial Lead Automation & Nurture (A.L.A.N.).

Follow Alex Hormozi if you want: A glimpse into the journey of a self-made millionaire who turned determination and entrepreneurial insight into a $100 million success story. With an authentic and raw approach, he shares his experiences and strategies, from shrewd business investments to balanced wealth management, inspiring you to chase your dreams and achieve financial success.

Where to connect with Alex Hormosi:  You can find Alex on Instagram, YouTube, and his podcast The Game.


4: Austin Hankwitz

Austin Hankwitz

Photo Credit: Austin Hankwitz Twitter


In the realm of online financial influencers, Austin Hankwitz, a 24-year-old from Tennessee, stands out as a prominent millennial financial influencer. Austin graduated from the University of Tennessee with a finance degree and says he was profoundly influenced by finance guru (and fellow Tennessean) Dave Ramsey’s high school seminar.

This experience ignited his passion for personal finance and inspired his mission to make finance relatable. Transitioning from studying financial analysis to advising on finance and investing via TikTok, Hankwitz now boasts a following of over half a million users.

His journey, which gained significant traction during the pandemic, showcases his ability to translate intricate financial concepts into accessible TikTok content effectively. Through his authentic approach and genuine desire to empower others, he has solidified his position as a reliable source of financial guidance and amassed a loyal following.

He not only guides his audience on topics ranging from reading balance sheets to spotting investment opportunities but also excels at simplifying complex financial concepts, ensuring they are understandable for all.

It’s no wonder Hankwitz is so popular. He really has a knack for connecting with his audience. By sharing his own financial journey, he establishes a sense of relatability that further builds trust, one engaging TikTok video at a time.

Follow Austin Hankwitz if you want: Practical and relatable financial advice from a young finance expert who can simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all. With a genuine desire to empower others, he uses his authentic approach and personal journey to build trust, demonstrating the untapped potential of impactful financial education in the digital age.

Where to connect with Austin Hankwitz: The best place to connect with Austin is on Instagram and TikTok.


5: John Liang

John Liang

Photo Courtesy: John Liang Facebook


Recognized by GOBankingRates as a Top Money Expert, John Liang is a very popular (and very young) finance influencer who captivates his audience through engaging and concise content. We aren’t sure where Liang is from, but he has a lot of followers from all over the United States (including here in the south) and no doubt captivates the Gen Z audience.

Liang’s content is perfectly tailored for the fast-paced world of 60-second information consumption, making him an ideal source of financial insights for the younger generation. With a knack for simplifying complex financial concepts and addressing modern-day financial issues, he has amassed a significant following (over 2.2 million on TikTok alone) that looks to him for guidance on various money-related topics.

Liang’s social media features a wide range of financial topics, but he seems to be most passionate about helping people save money on everyday items, improving credit scores and busting myths about credit card use, recognizing their potential as powerful financial tools for saving and dispels misinformation and unfounded fears surrounding their use.

Follow John Liang if you want: Practical and relatable financial advice from a young finance expert who can simplify complex concepts, making them accessible to all. With a genuine desire to empower others, he uses his authentic approach and personal journey to build trust, demonstrating the untapped potential of impactful financial education in the digital age.

Where to connect with John Liang: You can find John Liang on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.


6: Taylor Price

Taylor Price

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Price TikTok


Taylor Price, widely recognized as @PricelessTay, is a leading figure in Gen Z financial activism and mentorship. Taylor might only be in her early 20s, but she is bright, offers solid advice, and is very passionate about changing how her generation thinks about money.

Transitioning from a pre-medical track to the field of finance during her college years, Taylor Price’s life took a significant turn driven by health complications. Little did she know, this would set her on a path of self-exploration that would extend far beyond her own personal journey.

Through her platform Priceless Tay, Taylor shares her expertise on personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing, impacting the lives of countless individuals, and empowering them to seize control of their financial destinies. Taylor’s online presence has rapidly grown, attracting millions of young followers who resonate with her genuine approach and actionable advice.

Her engaging content spans a spectrum of financial topics, from budgeting and saving to exploring investment opportunities. By breaking down complex concepts into relatable terms, Taylor demystifies finance, making it accessible to individuals who may have previously felt overwhelmed by the subject.

Taylor’s impact reaches beyond social media content. Recognizing the need for a larger-scale solution to combat financial illiteracy, she co-founded Dfinitiv, a startup with the mission to reshape spending and saving behaviors. Dfinitiv aims to empower users by helping them maximize deals, discounts, and offers, thereby providing tangible value with every financial decision.

You should follow Taylor Price if you want: To arm yourself with practical financial knowledge tailored for the Gen Z audience. Taylor’s content offers clear insights into personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing, all delivered with relatability and authenticity. Through Taylor’s platforms, you can access invaluable guidance and learn how to navigate the complexities of finance with confidence and clarity.

Where to connect with Taylor Price: The best place to connect with Taylor is on Instagram or TikTok. She also has a YouTube channel, a podcast and is very active on LinkedIn.


7: Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang

Photo Courtesy: Humphrey Yang Facebook


Humphrey Yang, a 35-year-old former Wall Streeter with a knack for financial education, has emerged as a dynamic force in the realm of financial influencers with over 2.7 million subscribers on his @HumphreyTalks TikTok, another half million on Instagram, and a thriving YouTube channel boasting over 381K subscribers.

Yang’s friends often seeking his financial advice led him to tap into the world of content creation to share his expertise more widely. Yang has since become such a trusted voice for Gen Z that Fortune Magazine even called him Gen Z’s influencer version of Warren Buffett.

Humphrey’s unique approach to financial education has resonated profoundly with TikTok’s finance-enthusiastic Gen Z community. Embracing transparency and a touch of nerdy charm, Humphrey distills intricate financial concepts into easily digestible content.

Employing creative storytelling techniques, Humphrey even transforms complex subjects like NFTs, non-fungible tokens, into relatable narratives. When challenged to explain NFTs in terms a 3-year-old could , he drew an analogy using a Taylor Swift concert ticket.

You should follow Humphrey Yang if you want: Engaging storytelling that simplifies complex financial topics, insights into investing and money management tailored to Gen Z, and a relatable approach to demystifying finance through concise and impactful content.

Where to connect with Humphrey Yang: You can connect with Yang on TikTok and Instagram.


8: Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan

Photo Courtesy: The Financial Diet Podcast


Chelsea is the driving force behind The Financial Diet, a dynamic online platform that empowers women to engage in open conversations about money while enhancing their lives within any budgetary constraints.

With a mission to foster financial well-being among women, Chelsea has garnered a loyal following for her candid discussions on money matters. Her relatable approach and actionable advice have resonated with a diverse audience, making her a trusted source for individuals seeking to gain control of their finances.

With an extensive online presence, Chelsea’s impact is felt across Instagram and YouTube, boasting over 820K followers and over 937K subscribers. Her YouTube channel is the hub for insightful content, offering guidance on budgeting, investing, and navigating financial challenges.

Chelsea’s contributions go beyond traditional financial advice. She delves into the emotional and psychological aspects of money, recognizing the profound impact it has on individuals’ lives. Her content strikes a chord with those who seek practical strategies and a deeper understanding of their financial behavior and decision-making.

You should follow Chelsea Fagan if you want: She may help you gain a fresh perspective on money management and find practical solutions for building a more secure financial future. Her engaging content transcends traditional financial advice, offering insights into the emotional dimensions of money and providing a holistic approach to achieving financial well-being.

Where to connect with Chelsea Fagan: You can follow The Financial Diet on Instagram and YouTube. Chelsea also has a podcast and offers comprehensive courses and webinars.


9: John

John Eringman

Photo Courtesy: John Eringman website


His tagline on TikTok says it all – Not your typical finance bro! John is young, energetic, and passionate about helping people make smarter money decisions.

During college, Eringman studied finance, delving into accounting and corporate finance. During his studies, he noticed a significant gap in his education regarding essential wealth-building areas such as investing, budgeting, and retirement planning.

This realization motivated Eringman to explore these crucial topics further and to share his newfound knowledge with a broader audience on social media. Eringman is now a dedicated personal finance influencer with over 1.3 million TikTok followers.

Eringman’s content aims to inspire individuals from various starting points, demonstrating that achieving financial independence is attainable for everyone.

You should follow John Eringman if you want: You may gain “good, better, best” practical insights into key financial concepts, learn about investing, budgeting, and retirement planning, and be inspired to take steps toward achieving financial independence regardless of your starting point.

Where to connect with John Eringman: John shares most of his content on TikTok and Instagram.


10: Erika Kullberg

Erika Kullberg

Photo Courtesy: Erika Kullberg Facebook


From corporate lawyer to Finfluencer, 32-year-old Erika Kullberg has a backstory many can relate to. Having personally overcome the challenge of paying off $225,000 in student loans within a remarkable span of 2 years, Erika educates people through her YouTube channel.

With over 170,000 subscribers and 6 million views within a year, she imparts insights on debt reduction and financial autonomy. And that is just her YouTube channel. The ex-corporate lawyer has an extraordinary online presence. Boasting 8.9 million followers on TikTok and over 20 million on various social media platforms. She is also the host of the highly acclaimed #1 podcast “Erika Taught Me,” where she offers her legal acumen and financial insights.

Erika is not just an attorney, but a money expert deeply committed to empowering individuals for success. Her work has earned her recognition in notable publications like the U.S. News & World Report, Business Insider, Washington Post, Inc. Magazine, and CNBC.

You should follow Erika Kullberg if you want: She presents a wealth of knowledge spanning legal insights, personal finance wisdom, and expert strategies for YouTube success. Through her content, she educates and inspires individuals to achieve financial freedom and navigate legal complexities effectively.

Where to connect with Erika Kullberg: You can follow Erika on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or subscribe to her podcast Erika Taught Me.


Other Financial Influencers Worth Mentioning

They aren’t from the Clarksville or Nashville area and didn’t make our list of the top ten financial influencers to follow, but here are five more noteworthy up-and-coming influencers worth checking out as well:

1: Dasha Kennedy

Known as TheBrokeBlackGirl, Dasha empowers her audience with candid financial advice, particularly focusing on addressing financial challenges faced by Black women.

2: Nicole Lapin

A New York Times bestselling author and host of the Money Rehab podcast, Nicole educates and guides listeners through practical financial strategies and personal finance topics.

3: Haley Sacks

Better known online as @MrsDowJones, Haley is one to follow if you want general investing and personal finance advice. She is a self-proclaimed “financial pop star” who combines her financial expertise and love of pop culture to creatively lead people to take control of their finances.

4: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Founder of @senseofcents, Michelle provides actionable tips and advice on personal finance, budgeting, and side hustles to inspire others on their journey to financial freedom.

5: Anjie and RJ Muhammad

Known online as @RichByIntention, Anjie and RJ specialize in advising couples on wealth-building strategies, offering practical insights and advice for effectively managing finances together.


F&M Bank: Your Trusted Local Money Experts

While financial influencers undoubtedly provide valuable insights and guidance, having the opportunity to engage with local banking experts in person for your personal financial decisions holds its own significance.

Building a relationship with your local banking team ensures that you have access to reliable, personalized advice to navigate your financial journey effectively.

Whether planning for major life events, managing investments, or optimizing your banking strategies, having a direct line to knowledgeable professionals in your community can significantly contribute to your financial success.

Come visit us at one of our branches in Clarksville, Nashville, or another location near you and let our experts offer tailored advice that aligns with your unique circumstances.